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Music Pages for Episcopal Ordination: August 6, 2010

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Liturgical Music List

O God Beyond All Praising (prelude)

O God Beyond All Praising Bass

O God Beyond All Praising Tenor

O God Beyond All Praising Alto

O God Beyond All Praising Soprano

O God Beyond All Praising All Parts

O God Beyond All Praising Verse 3 Soprano Descant

O God Coda Bass and Tenor

O God Coda Alto and Soprano

O God Coda All

O God of Love (prelude)

Ave Verum (prelude)

Ave Verum Bass

Ave Verum Tenor

Ave Verum Alto

Ave Verum Soprano

Ave Verum All Parts

Laudate Dominum (Processional 1)

Laudate Dominum Bass

Laudate Dominum Tenor

Laudate Dominum Alto

Laudate Dominum Soprano

Laudate Dominum All Parts

Ecce Sacerdos - Ronan setting (Processional 2)

Ecce Sacerdos Melody

All Creatures of our God and King (verses 1,2,3,5)

All Creatures of Our God and King (verse 4  and 6 choir) Processional 3

All Creatures Bass

All Creatures Tenor

All Creatures Alto

All Creatures Soprano

All Creatures All Parts

All Creatures of our God and King (verse 7 choir)

All Creatures Verse 7 Soprano Descant

Community Mass (Kyrie, Gloria, Holy, Memorial A, Amen, Lamb of God)

Kyrie Melody

Gloria Melody with Soprano Descant

Holy Melody with Soprano Descant

Memorial Acclamation and Amen melody and descant

Lamb of God melody and descant

Responses after the Readings

The Lord is King (Responsorial Psalm)

The Lord is King Bass

The Lord is King Tenor

The Lord is King Alto

The Lord is King Soprano

The Lord is King All parts

Festival Alleluia (Gospel Acclamation)

Alleluia Refrain Bass

Alleluia Refrain Tenor

Alleluia Refrain Alto

Alleluia Refrain Soprano

Alleluia Refrain All Parts

Veni Creator chant (beginning of Ordination Rite)

Litany of Supplication (Ordination Rite)

Proclaim to all the Nations (Ordination Rite, Fraternal Kiss):  choir will sing verses in parts.

Proclaim to all the Nations verse 3 bass

Proclaim to all the Nations verse 3 tenor

Proclaim to all the nations verse 3 alto

Proclaim to all the nations verse 3 soprano

Proclaim to all the nations refrain with soprano descant

SLANE Hymntune (Preparation of Gifts and Altar) text will be: 'Be Thou My Vision' utilizing this harmonization.

Be Thou My Vision text (see previous for harmony)

Be Thou My Vision Bass

Be Thou My Vision Tenor

Be Thou My Vision Alto

Be Thou My Vision Soprano

Be Thou My Vision All Parts

The Lord's Prayer (chant in English)

Praise God in His Holy Place (Communion Procession)

Praise God Choir Verse Bass

Praise God Choir Verse Tenor

Praise God Choir Verse Alto

Praise God Choir Verse Soprano

Praise God Choir Verse All Parts

Praise God  Doxology Bass

Praise God Doxology Tenor

Praise God Doxology Alto

Praise God Doxology Soprano

Ave Maria Arcadelt (Hymn of Praise)

Ave Maria Bass

Ave Maria Tenor

Ave Maria Alto

Ave Maria Soprano

Ave Maria All

Te Deum (Chant) (Post Communion) (choir version)

Praise My Soul the King of Heaven (Recessional)

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